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Are your managers looking for professional coaching?

Do you lead a team or an organization and want support at eye level?

Are you part of a team and want to activate your full potential?


For teams and individuals

At the beginning, we go into a task clarification of your concern or the goal that you want to achieve.

Depending on your preference, we work online or face-to-face.

The coaching is specified for a period of time and includes 5-10 settings. At the end, we confirm the results and define the next steps for you.


Would you like to reflect on your everyday work as a team and learn together for the future?

Do the challenges of your work life take you to the limits of your time and emotional capacities?

Do you work with people or lead teams and would like to expand your skills?


For teams and individuals

Supervision for teams or individuals is an accompanying format that helps to further develop knowledge, personal and social skills. This is done through regular sessions, usually over a longer period of time.


In Supervision we take an eagle's perspective and thus create  a completely new view on your own actions, team dynamics or the processes in the company. We develop new perspectives on possible solutions and relief for personal concerns or topics that the team repeatedly perceives as "exhausting, obstructive etc." We analyze difficult situations and learn a new way of dealing with them.

Was ist Supervision

Are you looking for exciting and valuable further training for your team?

Are you looking for training for your managers?

Would you like your employees to have fun and learn new things at the same time?


For organizations & teams

Browse through the section of my workshop portfolio and find suggestions and ideas for your next team training or event. 


Lead yourself and others confidently with persolog®

Expand personality skills as the basis for a professional everyday leadership


Organizational and personal resilience
Resilience means developing healthily as a person or organization despite serious challenges. The workshop helps to understand and train resilient action.

Communication and professional conflict management

Optimizing communication skills through training in non-violent communication.
Regulating yourself in conflicts and thus guiding the conversation.


Fit and confident in employee talks

Support in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of employee appraisals.

Learn helpful conversational techniques & practice.


Introduction into agile working
What is agile working? How can it help in everyday business? What are the underlying values?


Not exactly what you`re looking for? Feel free to approach me with your individual wishes.


Do you need clear, realistic structures in your company?

Would you like to optimize complex processes in your organisation?

Tasks, roles, competencies need a clear definition and assignment?

Organizational development

For companies and social institutions

With you as the business owner or management board, I go into an intensive analysis phase in order to make the structures and processes in your organization visible.

Strategie der Organisationsentwicklung

During the work phase, I offer you various measures customized for your situation:

  • Role, task clarification

  • Order clarification of specific teams

  • Visions, values, mission development

  • Introduction of agile management methods e.g. Scrum | Kanban | Scrumban

  • Creation of clear communication structures

  • Etc.

Constant feedback loops help to stay focused and to recognize progress or setbacks in a timely manner. You will receive a detailed offer from me so that you have the greatest possible transparency about the costs and implementation.

In the end, we take the time to confirm results and celebrate your success together.


Would you like to concentrate on the content of retreat days, events or meetings?

Do you want to achieve results through targeted methods?

Do you need a clear framework for your event?


For events, retreats, workshops... etc.

A good hosting opens up an appreciative framework for your event and gives every participant space to get involved.

Hosting helps to design a varied workshop through a variety of methods, in which visible results are achieved.


You don't know which of the consulting options is the right one for your need?

Would you like to understand how Supervision and/or Coaching can help you?

Can't grasp your topic and want support?


For companies, organizations, teams and individuals

"I cannot see the wood for the trees!"

... if you know this idea, then contact me without obligation and at no cost. I make myself available to help you in a 30-minute orientation talk to understand what the right consulting option could be in your individual situation.

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