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Martina Lucht

Martina Lucht

competence development for people and organizations

"I work as a coach, supervisor and trainer. I want to inspire, enable and motivate people, teams and organizations to constantly develop themselves further, achieve goals and dare new things".

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Coaching. Supervision. Training.
Organizational Development. Hosting.


Coaching is a process for a specified period of time, in which professional concerns are worked out towards a specific goal.

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Training courses benefit teams by offering impulses for their professional activities and by creating new motivation.

Martina Lucht als Trainer


Hosting supplies professional events with a stable framework and creative working methods.

Martina Lucht moderiert

Supervision is a process-oriented consultation for teams and individuals in a professional context, focused on reflection.

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Organizational development is an analytical approach to optimizing business processes and structures.

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In an orientation meeting, we work out which of the consulting options is best for you.

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